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Friday Finds: 4.19.13

Hey sweet thangs.

Got some news over here. I’m now an editor for MAKEUP.COM and I’ve hit the ground running with some articles over the past week. Check out the links below for my posts, plus some other things that made me happy…

My exploration of the beauty and risk of one of life’s greatest mysteries: orange lipstick.

This app is majorly awesome for anyone as nostalgic as me.

I shared my red carpet favorites from the ACMA‘s and MTV Awards.

Did I mention I’m on tumblr?

My roundup of all the latest beauty news you need to know (summed up in two words: bold lip).

Beauty looks to inspire you this weekend (I’m having a major braid phase).

An interesting blog about dating and relationships.

If you’re not already following Humans of New York you should. It’s my favorite thing on Facebook.

Hope your weekend is full of mischief.



Word: Coachella

You guys. I’m going to start writing some of my thoughts in a cool font to make me feel fancy.

Anyways, I’m pretty sad about the news below. I’ll either have to jump the shark with my own flora tiara on my birthday, or relinquish my dreams. Sigh.



Holy Ruffles

These are not your typical, kindergarten ruffles. These ruffles drink cappuccinos with their hair in effortless topknots, while holding hands with their Italian boyfriends in shady little cafes on the streets of Paris.

And, I love them.

Photos from Who What Wear and Alberta Ferretti 


Finds: 2.15.13

I had the stomach flu this week. Instead of opting for a liquid diet and losing weight like a normal person I exclusively ate carbs and ice cream as a way of healing.

That went well.

Also, in between all that activity I found some stuff. See below.

The perfect living room.

A dreamy dress, courtesy of Oscar:

The apple of my eye.

A recipe for banana peanut butter ice cream that only requires a blender.

A silk blouse I definitely need.

A kitchen that may actually make me cook:

A paint I’m obsessed with even though I’m not painting anything anytime soon…

A brie, bacon and fig jam sandwich, which is just plain rude if you ask me.

An awesome organization that tickled my heartstrings.

A note that hits a little too close to home:

Happy Friday. xx

P.S. It seems like baby’s breath is having a moment?



Friday Finds

Just some things I feel like sharing:

The song I’ve got on repeat.

This speech by Lana Wachowski, which I found enlightening, heart-breaking and brave.

These tips on how to be happier in your home are pretty awesome. I’ve been making my bed all week (is that a sad accomplishment at 24?) and I feel alive!

This trick for breaking in your shoes is genius!

Don’t ask how I got here, just enjoy.

This 2007 news segment on Twitter had me giggling at my desk.

Thanks to this list I’m about to get all sorts of creepy.

This ensemble made me feel all giddy and glittery inside:

In sequins we trust. X


Style Spotting

There are some things we need to talk about.

Mainly: I need a printervention.



Dreaming of:

Listening to: everything by Leftover Cuties.

Repinning from: this badass chick.

Deciding to: take up painting.

Eating too much of this:

Drooling over:
(Gucci SS 2013- HELLO)

Laughing at:

I’m sending myself to bed.


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