5 Reasons Why It’s OK To Ask A Matchmaker For Love

Why It’s OK To Ask A Matchmaker For Love

There are many reasons to hire matchmakers, but we will highlight five of the most important ones that could change your lifelong relationship status.

You’re a Career Woman With a Lot to Do

After all, time is the most valuable thing we have. Amber Neal, Houston’s Millionaire Matchmaker, says: “Why spend 40 hours a week behind a screen online dating, only to find out that the men you meet still look like their old photos from 20 years ago?” Don’t waste your time. You’re only compatible with 3 percent of the people you meet. There’s no point in meeting 97 frogs and hoping that three will be your match. Focus on your family, career, and social life while a professional matchmaker does the hard work.

You Just Can’t Stop Dating Duds

Or bad boys, jerks, or guys without jobs. Neal says your “picker” is broken, meaning you fall for the same wrong person repeatedly. A matchmaker helps you recognize bad dating habits that hold you back from meeting Mr. Right. “Maybe you’re attracted to a bad boy, but is this really what you want?” she asks. Maybe not.

You Don’t Know What You Are Doing Wrong

If you’ve come to realize that you might be the reason for the failure of many of your past relationships, Irene Valenti, a relationship expert and founder of Valenti Matchmaking, can help. She says a matchmaker can “wake you up” and guide you in the right direction by giving you advice and honest feedback.

This post was written by a professional at Valenti Matchmaking. Valenti Matchmaking offers discreet international matchmaking, as well as all levels of personal, one-to-one relationship coaching for a select, worldwide clientele of unapologetically selective single, successful, and attractive men and women in search of a compatible life partner.



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