A journey into the world of dating sites between choices, expectations and reality

Some types of websites clearly advertise their style, they are aimed at rogue dating. Others are based on cultural affinity and tastes. The best known (une rencontre amoureuse) look more like real supermarkets than meetings with a wide range of choices, where you will therefore need time to select the correct answer. Finally, other dating sites like Parship where the insertion takes place after a personality test, in which “like” people are connected.

How to choose the right site?

There are a number of free dating sites out there, but they don’t offer all of the services you need to find potential interested people. If you decide to invest in this research, then purchasing paid services can be helpful.

Here are some selection criteria depending on what you are aiming for:

Automatic selection of the profiles that interest you:

Once the registration is validated, the portal regularly searches for people who meet the criteria, saving you from having to do it yourself, but some people who might be interested may be excluded.


The possibility of live chat or by e-mail only:

it all depends on whether you prefer to use the email writing time or get to know the person at the center of the “conversation”.

Limited access to your profile according to certain criteria:

this may limit the number of matches, but allows better quality!

Verification of information:

This is a type of feature offered by some portals to weed out those who hide embarrassing details, for example if they are single or even parents.

For example: most of these paid portals offer a number of free services for women, who are usually registered in the minority.

For or against Internet dating? > the advantages

  • If you read the slogans of some dating sites, 80% of their users find a person and the happy ends are, in fact, numerous. The internet allows you to find people you wouldn’t meet in real life and get to know people before you actually see them.
  • People who want to get over a disappointment or who have been hurt by a breakup can find a cure for their love by seeing, with a few clicks, an interest that raises their profile.
  • The dating portals live also have the advantage of really doing what they strongly claim; its members are trying to find people and, especially after a certain age, are determined to end one life.

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