Dating app: love in the age of algorithms

In front of your friends, it’s time to introduce your new partner and the famous question “How did you meet?” the answer is always “Friends in common”. Between embarrassment and shame, many couples today prefer not to respond or admit having met on online dating platforms. Although dating apps are spreading more and more, embarrassment and anonymity still reign supreme.

Each of us throughout his life is looking for TRUE LOVE

But how is it sought after today?

Do you remember how in the 90s those who wanted to find a soul mate went to marriage agencies? Today, however, more or less the same procedure takes place but only through apps, even LOVE!

The reasons for this choice can be multiple: who out of curiosity, who by boredom, who for a getaway, who for pleasure, who for loneliness those who have more, it is said that these apps and / or dating sites are also becoming depopulated . in our country. But let’s face it even for the most reluctant, it is the data that speaks …!

There are 2 million active Italians, with a download equal to 100 million times, especially in a country where the number of singles exceeds that of couples. The days of the court seem to be over, with a real approach linked to emotions, to physical and mental sensations.

What are dating apps characterized by?

The approach becomes more immediate, the search for the person based on age, gender and common interests. Each choice is based on the images, impulsiveness and skin sensations prevail. We use geolocation to find the person closest to us: time and distance are reduced. Finally, for the chat, we use instant messaging systems, which are fast and convenient to use.


Academics and researchers view this phenomenon quite negatively, linking it to a generational problem. This tradition was first born in America thanks to the university which started the generation of “Millennials” and gave birth to this mentality of casual sex. Love without commitment intended to generate only physical pleasure at the youngest age has entered our local culture over time and has spread to the elderly single and divorced population as well.

Those who decide to take this step may be doing so to try the last route, or out of curiosity or lack of time for professional reasons.

dating app

Depending on their use, there are pros and cons

We are not here to judge who decides to go down this path to find a partner on the internet like, but we want to list a series of advantages, such as:

  • Multiple choice among users
  • Anonymity
  • Overcome shyness
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Speed
  • Charm of the unknown
  • Desire for adventure
  • References
  • Use of applications in full mobility

In fact, the expectations we set for ourselves do not always correspond to reality: the web like tends to amplify our emotions, the charm of the unknown pushes the user to want to get naked …

In some cases, just seriously!

Yes, because among the disadvantages, these applications also hide some scams. Sometimes we can meet characters uninhibited enough to show off their “wares” online; or who for a simple “like” / “match” has for only but to show itself. These fall into the section of desperate or hardened narcissists.

Another example is the category of liars, people already coupled, but out of boredom or marital discontent, they use the web as a portal for an adventure or an evening adventure, thanks to its discretion. In addition, the presence of many fake profiles is very high, often the photos of attractive men or women can turn out to be classic fakes or, more seriously, the user can find himself in life endangering situations. private or economic problems.

When we decide to start using dating apps, we recommend that you NEVER provide any data that is too personal and never fall into the hands of criminals who demand payment for your photos.

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