The Risks of Online Dating How to Avoid Them

In 2020, getting to know each other on social media is now the norm, but you know the internet is made up of people and for that reason a malicious person could be hiding behind a seemingly innocuous message. Obviously not always, many other people today can claim to have met the love of their life on the web.

But the risks of online dating should be considered if you think you want to take this route in order to fall in love. Let’s understand together what the risks can be so as not to end up in unpleasant or even dangerous situations.

The Risks of Online Dating: How to Avoid Them

Harassment is not just physical and verbal. There have been cases of users, both male and female, subscribing to dating apps who have reported receiving sexually explicit material, obviously in this case unsolicited.


Let’s not confuse these episodes with sexting though. In this case, it is a game of complicity between the two parties involved, but if he starts sending unsolicited and above all unwanted intimate photos, it can be considered as a first alarm bell that warns that this person is not exactly the right one. The speech of explicit images can then be linked to threats and in the most serious cases to extortion.

For this reason, it is good to carefully evaluate the person in front of us before agreeing to an exchange of photos with risky content. The advice in case of harassment of this type is, at least initially, not to answer and block the person in question. In most cases, nothing else will be necessary. But if the situation persists, do not hesitate to report it.

risks of online dating

The risks of online dating don’t just come from the other side of the screen, but also from ourselves. Yes, this is right. On the other hand, we are often victims of our own self and this could be one of the cases. The ability to choose at the click of a button, the idea that probably the best is yet to come, drives us to never be satisfied. Online dating thus becomes a danger to our serenity.

The advice, in this case, is to live each moment of knowing with the person in front of us, without thinking about the annoying “ifs” that ruin the experience. Remember that often the expectations just stay that way and hardly come true. Why to join our lesbians datings sites ?

The risks of online dating: knowing how to say no

A different situation from the one described above is not knowing how to say no. To know and meet a person who does not really interest us, for fear of being able to hurt him in case of refusal.

Apparently, “knowing how to say no” may seem like harmless advice. But especially in the web world, following it might come in handy. Don’t be afraid to say no, both to yourself and the other person. The danger of a bad disappointment, or in the worst case of an otherwise dangerous situation, will be around the corner.

Cat fishing

In, cat fishing refers to situations in which one person attracts another by pretending to be something they are not, hence the term which refers to the famous union of fish with two very different animal names.

Make sure you’re talking to someone real and, if possible, search the web for that person’s photo. Limit advice, it’s true, but when in doubt, making sure the other person’s photos are real is the first way to avoid one of the most classic dangers of online dating.

The first meeting

The greatest risk, however, arises when once you turn off the dating app, you decide to meet the other person. While in many cases it turns out to be the right choice to make, in many others it can be risky. They are always strangers, aren’t they? Before meeting therefore, it is good to take certain precautions.

Don’t let anyone know your home address, at least until you’re sure the person in front of you is trustworthy. But at least for the first few times, avoid being picked up or brought home. Public points, perhaps in areas we are already familiar with, are ideal for a blind date. It is also important to let someone you trust know where you are going and with whom, today there is the possibility of sharing your position on the GPS. Keep this in mind in case you feel unsafe.

So always keep your mobile phone handy, in the worst case you will need it to get out of an unpleasant situation or in the best case it will be used to exchange numbers

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