While dating or flirting, text messaging is a terrific way to stay in touch with someone you’ve recently met and want to learn more about. So you have met someone and have her phone number and want to now send her text messages. What should you do?

Here are a few tips and etiquette while going for lesbian chat text messaging.

  • Ask first

Inquire about texting permission. Some people do not have plans that contain a lot of texting, and others do not enjoy texting.

  • Keep it short

Limit yourself to only a few text characters.. 

  • Start simple

Send her a message first and notice how she reacts. Begin with something simple and innocent.

  • Use discretion

If you know that she is at work, don’t get too sexual through text messages.

  • Never drink and text

Sending an impulsive text while inebriated is a surefire way to text something you’ll regret afterward. 

  • Know the time 

It is not true that just because you are a night owl, she is as well.

  • Keep it funny and flirty

Don’t text her anything you would not tell her face to face. Have fun, be playful, and strive to make people laugh.

  • Nothing serious

Avoid breaking up with her just over text, a text fight, or discussing any major topic over text. 

  • Make dates

Text messaging is entertaining, but it cannot replace real-life interactions. Make a date via SMS so you can see each other personally.

  • Give her some time to reply

Even if you have very fast fingers in the text, some people struggle with texting. 

  • Never overdo it

If she does not react, don’t send her several texts.. 

Save your special for in-person meetings. Don’t text her to tell her that you love her. Don’t text her to ask her to either marry you try to or move in with you. Anything important should be completed in person.