Sex dolls – between fantasy and reality

The plastic dolls are on the rise. Whether real doll, mini-doll or dream doll, more and more people are getting a love doll, even celebrities. The hype doesn’t even stop at the cinema. In the film “Lars and the women” the shy Lars falls in love with the silicone doll Bianca. An erotic love of objects is very bizarre for most, but it is real.

What is it about these real dolls?

Real dolls are by no means comparable to ordinary sex dolls, as they almost remind of works of art. No sex doll resembles a living woman so much. She is life-size, weighs as much like a real woman and hides under her silicone skin a skeleton made of PVC. A 100cm love doll is a woman made to measure: individual wishes, such as the color of the hair, skin, and eyes, size of the breasts, appearance of the nipples or The shape of the pos, are implemented by the manufacturers. Two openings are standard. A third opening “a tergo”, i.e. anal, costs extra.

Realbotix Sex Doll 2.0

Even talking variants are already available: thanks to the ingenuity of specialists from the robot industry, there is now “realbotix”, dolls equipped with small computers can now also conduct dirty talk with a flattering voice. Even blink, kiss, mouth shapes, and even move, are possible. Your realbotix can even maintain a long-distance relationship thanks to the latest technology. Via App and Headset, the man can then connect to his “wife” from anywhere. The inventor of the cartoon sex doll wants to reach out to the man also on an intellectual and emotional level. For about $60,000 the piece no cheap woman.

Willing, but anything but cheap

If you would like to be the owner of a real doll, you should plan at least $5,000 and a waiting period of up to half a year. There are online agencies or even entire brothels that rent sex doll: like a high-class escort date, they then discreetly “come” to the hotel room. And being picked up again for cleaning. Romance sounds different. A crucial advantage of this sex toy is that a real doll will never be repellent, will comply with all desires and will not give any answers.

Sex doll instead of escort date?

sex doll

A high-class escort has no delivery times and so hardly a few hours pass until the sexual desire and other needs are met. Because a willing body is not everything. An escort lady will follow your wishes with joy, smile, and laugh, you will feel the warmth of her skin and her tender touches. Your nipples get hard when you play with your tongue on them and a lubricant is not necessarily necessary. Eroticism with an escort is real lust, real passion, laughter, and devotion, give and take.

The real doll, on the other hand, fits in lifeless, without reactions, without showing any desire and without any interaction with your sexual preferences and let’s do everything with itself. For many people, it is now indispensable, but it is and remains a doll that can never replace human interaction. Nothing is comparable and feels like touching, tasting, smelling and pampering a real person.

However, the escort girl and the real doll have one thing in common. They do not grumble at you, are secretive and absolutely discreet, fulfill your sex life in an incomparable way and…they will never be unfaithful to you!


Who wants to experience an exciting evening, full of sexual tension, does not miss a real high-class escort girl. A love doll will never be able to offer eroticism, pleasure, good conversations and active stimulation. You will never forget the night with an escort model – and neither will she. Because your escort has a soul.