Erotic Gay & Sensual Massages

In our imagination, sensual massages naturally rhyme with pleasure. However, it would be a shame to forget that these erotic moments also have benefits for our health.

The goals of erotic massage are to provide extreme relaxation and to stimulate their libido to the maximum. Sometimes the operation is performed to allow clients to respond better to the sensual stimulus while maintaining control of the body. It allows you to learn to relax the muscles of the bony pelvis and thus to prolong the excitement.

The Most Popular Massage Gays – Tantric

Tantric Massages are for all men without exception and whatever their sexuality, straight, bi, or homosexual. A massage that provides the greatest physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. A sensual journey into personal sexuality. Yin and yang, masculine and feminine.

Various parlors, like SweetTouch in Paris, offer you to be guided in the male pleasure by expert hands, which will bring you to sublime discoveries of your unexplored territories. Nowadays it is much easier to find places to receive an amazing gay massage with an ending.

Tantra massage of the penis (lingam massage)

This is one of the peculiarities of tantric massage for men, especially when it is a man who takes you in hand. However, this massage is not performed with sexual intention, or to provide sensations of pleasure.

Admittedly, it is common for the sensations to be very pleasant, but this is a side effect and not a goal. The penis (or lingam in tantric) is massaged to stimulate energy points and promote the amplification of essential energy. At the same time, it mobilizes sexual energy in general, but not always. It happens that the man experiences to feel the energy develop and fill his body during the massage of the sex,

Benefits of Homosexual Tantra Massage

The synergy of these particularities of tantric massage for men provided by a man opens up to several benefits:

  • Eliminate and prevent the accumulation of stress, reduce anxiety;
  • Calm the mind (lasts long after the session);
  • Find relaxation (mental, physical, and emotional);
  • Improve the quality of your sleep;
  • Heal the emotional and bodily wounds of abuse (abuse experienced or introjected from the environment);
  • Develop your creativity (sensual but also mental);
  • Develop better circulation of energies;
  • Approaching the dissolution of the ego;
  • Access deep relaxation without ejaculating;
  • Expanding the sensory experience beyond the genital area;
  • Develop the ability to have an inward-directed orgasm;
  • Stimulate the body as a whole;
  • Learn to receive, trust yourself and others;
  • Tame your own intimacy, come to terms with the power of man;
  • Reconciliation with his desire, his desires, and his natural impulse;
  • (Re) gain confidence in your sexual energy;
  • Let go of the tyranny of ejaculation at all costs;
  • Soothe compulsive needs (sexual or other);
  • Sometimes … find a favorable outcome to disorders that limit your life experience (anorgasmia, low libido, sex addiction, impotence, premature ejaculation, etc.)

Sexual arousal and erection during a massage

One of the peculiarities of tantric massage for men that spontaneously comes to mind is the subject of erection. There are two main types of mental attitudes concerning the erection for a man who comes to be massaged by another man.

  • Fear of erection. There is the man who “dreads” to have an erection during the massage, wondering what the masseur will think.
  • A desire for erection. There is the man who “wants” to have an erection during the massage, either for the sensations it provides, or to “prove” his power.

In all cases, this is normal and does not modify the course of the massage. Any reaction of the body is natural and part of the massage experience if it occurs

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