Get Girl Freaky: Wild Ways For Love

Ever wondered how make lady all wild? How to get girl to let her freak flag fly high? Here some top advice for all fellas.

Understand Her: First thing first, you got to understand what she like, don’t like. Make her feel comfy, coz if she no comfy, she no freaky. Understand her mind, then you get key to her heart.

Set Mood Right: Mood is all thing. Nice place, soft tune, little dim light. All make her feel special. Special feeling is first step to freaky fun.

Try Something New: Same old, same old? No good. Need little bit spice. Try new thing. Surprise her. Not only surprise gift, but surprise move in bed too.

Talk, Talk, Talk: No forget talk to her. Ask about dreams, hopes, what she like in bed. All this important. No rush. Take time.

Be Real: No act fake. Girls like real guy. If you patient, she see it. If you sincere, she know it. She like it.

Show Confidence: Confidence sexy. Make woman want you more. No afraid to express feeling. Show that you man, you strong, but also soft. No need to be superhero, just be man.

Respect Is Key: Respect her. Respect her choice, her body, her mind. No force her do thing she no like. If she say no, it mean no. Respect make you gentleman, she love it.

Explore, Adventure: Make bed like adventure land. Discover new spot that make her feel good. Make her feel like she in new world, world full of love, excitement.

Want more advice for wild love? Go Place where all secret of love hide. Remember, every woman unique. Her wish is command. Make her happy, she make you happy. Have fun, stay safe.