Ideas for Fantasy Play

There are times when your regular sex activities just aren’t cutting it anymore. It’s not a huge problem, but perhaps just a sign that you need to inject some spice and energy back into your relationship again. They say that a rising tide lifts all boats, and it’s also true that some well-placed fantasy play in the bedroom can give your sex life the broader lift that it needs.

Here are some great ideas for fantasy play:

1. Start with the Right Lingerie

Girls, there’s nothing quite like fantasy lingerie to get your partner’s motor running from the moment you walk in the room. Even the right kinds of men’s sexy underwear can really help in spicing up the event for all parties in all kinds of relationships.

Fantasy underwear might be edible, or it might tear away really easily to create a sense of power or domination. They might have no crotch, or expose one’s buttocks, or or be so lacey and see-through that very, very little is left to the imagination…you’re only limited by what kind of fantasy play you wish to engage in.

2. Create Scenarios and Role Play

Another classic approach to fantasy sex is to create different scenarios or role playing activities for you both to take part in. This might involve one of you pretending to be a visiting tradesman like a TV repair guy, or a plumber. It might be that one of you is a police officer, or a college professor, or some other figure of authority. You may even explore the realms of crime fantasy like a faux break-in…once again, you’re only limited by what you can imagine.

3. Introduce Power Dynamics

This one may be a step too far for some couples, but for those who are interested in adding a lot of spice and kink into the bedroom, power exchange is an interesting way to go. When you introduce power dynamics, you’re consenting to one person having more control than the other. In other words, one becomes dominant and one becomes submissive. Far from being some wild and outlandish thing, it’s actually a fantasy many either enjoy or wish to experiment with.

4. Pretend You Just Met

The role-playing scenarios are one way to make your connection feel more electric and like you’re having sex with a stranger, but you can also achieve a similar effect by just acting out a scenario where the two of your have just met again. You could start the scenario at a local bar, or in a hotel where you meet, chat each other up, and perhaps even invent new alter-egos.

5. Reenact Adult Movies

If you and your partner enjoy watching erotic movies together, then how about you revisit some of your favourites and recreate them in your home or in a hotel room. We’re not advocating for public displays of sexual behaviour here, so let’s be clear on that, but there’s still so much you can do in the privacy of your own room. Adult movies can be a real inspiration for new positions, new sexy dialogue between the two of you, and new ways to stimulate one another.

6. Role-Reversal

If one of you is normally “on top” and the other more submissive, you could try switching things up and trying a reversed dynamic. Some couples don’t even realise how much they enjoy being in the other’s sexual shoes until they try it for the first time! Role-reversal can also heighten empathy between you and your partner, making you more aware of what each other is doing in your sex lives.

More importantly, however, it can be a real turn on to suddenly find yourself switched to a new role!