Today we are going to talk about a new trend that is going on all around the world. People around the world are not using as many condoms as needed.

They are avoiding condoms and getting into bad situations in life and this is a very serious problem that is because of misinformation.

People are misinformed about the side effects of condoms and social media is accelerating this phenomenon. You can check this out yourself and find out a lot of creators on different social media platforms talking about the problem of condoms.

You can find out a lot of videos about the disadvantages of condoms and this is leading people to stop using condoms altogether. There is also the issue of condom failure which is also trending right now and it is actually fake news because latex is one of the strongest materials.

However, we are also seeing some truth as to why people are not using condoms and it can be because of decreased sexual pleasure. People are also not using it because of a lack of sensitivity. 

So, let us find out the actual reasons why people are stopping condom use whether it is size and fit issues or whether it is condom availability issues. 




We are going to talk about the most common reason in the first point and it is due to the lack of awareness and education.

Sex education is important for every child but in certain populations around the world we do not see that and covid has made things bad making people skip education.

There is also quite a big decrease in awareness campaigns in countries as well as the United Nations. This has led to a lack of awareness with misinformation spreading like wildfire.

That is why the only way to solve this is for governments and countries to create more campaigns about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and how they can be stopped with condoms. 

Governments should also try to help young people understand the consequences of unintended pregnancy. This can ruin someone’s life who is just starting out in life. 

The way to solve this is the joint collaborative effort of individuals and governments as well as companies. 



One of the biggest contributors to low condom use is simply misinformation and fake news.  These areas of fake news question condom effectiveness. Let us explain in detail.

With the rise of short format videos across different popular platforms, people want to get viral with just small clips.

Sometimes these clips can be very informative and good for the general population but sometimes these clips can be simply wrong information.

The goal of creators who want to become viral is just to say something astonishing so that it gets more views and that is also the case with condom use.

You can find several short format videos that talk about why condoms are actually bad for sexual health, which is completely wrong.

These videos also talk about condoms having bad side effects and that they can also lead to infertility and things like that, which is also wrong.

The problem is so serious that even if the social media platform removes one video there can be other videos talking about this just to get more views.

The way to solve this is for people to come together and report such videos whenever they see them. 



One of the reasons why young people have stopped using condoms is just because of social stigma.

There has always been a social stigma in certain communities and regions in the world but we are not talking about that. Those stigmas are born from cultural reasons and we will not talk about them.

What we are talking about is the social stigma in young adults about using condoms being uncool. This has been perpetrated by different mainstream movies and things like that have led to young people not using condoms.

It can even be a thing of shame to use a condom in those circles. We are talking about hostel circles where it is a social stigma to openly discuss condoms.

While this is not everywhere but this is certainly one of the reasons why it is seen as foolish and just unattractive to use condoms.

That is why mainstream creators should encourage good social messages such as condom use whenever they create something for young adults. 



Among all the points that we have talked about, this is probably one of the most legitimate reasons why people are not using condoms.

We are talking about availability. There are certain societies and there are certain parts of the world where a condom is luxury.

These are also the parts of the world where there is severe food and water crisis. Along with that, you can also see the worst kinds of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) being rampant. 

That is why, a condom for them is not just about having sex but survival. Otherwise, they might be infected with something that cannot be treated in those low-income areas. 

This is not something recent and this is something that has always been the case. We have seen international organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) working very hard on issues like this. 

However, it is not just them who can bring actual change because companies can do a lot about this situation. Condom manufacturing is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise and the companies also engage in charity and philanthropy across the world.

That is why they can come together and create non-profit organisations that supply adequate numbers of condoms to those parts of the world.

It will not only be excellent for their image but it will also be actually beneficial to those communities who really need it.

Condom use has dropped because of legitimate problems like availability and stupid reasons like fake news and misinformation. However, spreading awareness of this can be the first step to change. 

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