Sexy Kenna James Bras To Try Today

Balconette Bra: The Kenna James balconette bra derives its name from the concept that the bra is serving as a “balcony” for your breasts. Balconettes provide subtle lift to enhance the shape of your breasts and boost how much cleavage is present.

Balconette bras are designed to look ultra-feminine and sexy and give as little coverage as they can get away with. This style of bra is perfect to wear beneath low-cut tops and dresses. All breast sizes are able to wear a balconette bra.

Statement Straps: If you enjoy complex straps or lingerie that borders on bondage wear, then statement straps are where it’s at. Kenna James statement strap bras might be a bit confusing to put on at first, but they add fun layering and style to any outfit. Are you wearing a crop top to a party? Try wearing a statement strap bra that has straps that crisscross down the length of your abdomen. It’ll offer a sexy layering effect for your exposed stomach.

Statement strap bras are also perfect for swapping out the shoulder straps for custom ones. Try out a gorgeous Monaco strap or a Havana strap to draw attention to your shoulders and add a bit of glitz to the outfit.

Body Suit: The body suit bra is newer to the scene, but it’s making a huge splash. This style appears how it sounds. The Kenna Jamesbra is part of a mesh material that comprises a body suit. Some bra cups will have a fitted underwire, but others make use of a band that is fitted tight beneath the breasts.

The body suit bra can be either long-sleeved or have thin straps over the shoulders. If you’re wanting to add sexy layering to your outfit, go with a long-sleeved body suit bra and wear something short-sleeved over the lingerie. This makes it a perfect option for someone who wants to feel sexy and adventurous, without having to show off a lot of skin.

Strapless Bra: When you want to wear a strapless top or dress or go with a chic tube top, you’ll need a strapless bra to go with it.  Strapless bras support breasts with an underwire. They have a silicone or rubber lining that helps to prevent the bra from slipping down. Most strapless bras have molded cups as well so that the bra holds its shape better.

Treat Yourself With Sexy Kenna James Bras Today

We hope this guide on the hottest bra trends helped give you an idea for several different styles to try out. Sexy bras don’t have to be uncomfortable any longer. There’s a wide range of choices out there for all sizes, each of them beautiful.

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