The very big night: why a Sydney bucks party is the way to go

So, your mate is getting married, good for him! Amidst all the buzz, excitement and stress about wedding venues, caterers, musicians, bridal cars and honeymoons, he has decided to throw an elegant soiree to say, “cheers for the times, boys – you’ll be seeing a bit less of me from now on.”

It also just so happens that he has put you in charge of organising the thing! However, he hasn’t taken into account that your organisational skills go so far as to sending a group text out on a Friday to see who’s heading down to the pub, so you probably aren’t too thrilled about the idea of getting a crew together for a big day of partying…

Luckily, there are options at your disposal.

From the fun and frivolous to the downright sultry, here are a few reasons why choosing a package deal for organising the best bucks night Sydney has ever seen is the way to go:

  1. It takes the stress off your shoulders

Because, let’s face it: what was your mate thinking by having you organise it? If, as aforementioned, your organisational skills aren’t down the you-know-what, you might be far too busy to think about arranging this special occasion with, what? Two week’s notice? Come on, John, Mick, Tommy – whatever his name is – he’s really thrown you under the bus here, but what can you do about it?

No, you can’t turn him down, that would be an outrageous diss on your behalf: you have to get the job done and get it done well. Luckily, there are packages available for throwing the ultimate sendoff. With packages at Sydney’s best strip joints allowing you to create a sensational VIP situation for the groom and all your mates to love, this is one way to take the weight off your back whilst producing a party to remember for years to come!

  1. They are highly flexible

… And we’re not just talking about the ladies. These VIP packages allow you to create the party in the way that you see fit. Obviously, you don’t want to spoil this awesome surprise for your mate, but whatever you decide on it is sure to raise the roof and create a boys night to rival the reception itself!

With a range of different package options available at your disposal, awesome music and gorgeous women offering both private and centre stage dancing, you can trust that this option is one for the ages, the ultimate sendoff for someone looking to show their best mate some serious appreciation before they begin seeing them on more of a monthly basis.

  1. They are just a heck load of fun

And that’s what this night is all about. It’s about showing your mate that you love him, that you’re happy for him regardless of the fact you won’t feature as strongly in his life from now on, about getting the crew together to reminisce, make new memories and plan for future fun times to come!

For this reason, having your night taken care of for you by the experts at a top class, lavish Sydney spot is easily the best option for enjoying this important occasion. All you have to do is call up, discuss your options, choose the one that’s really going to bring the party and rally the crew – you’re in for a night to remember…