Tips And Tricks on How To Pleasure Your Partner Without Penetration


Sex is not all about penetration. For plenty of women, the trick to pleasuring them lies in sexual acts such as clitoral stimulation and many women cannot achieve orgasm through penetration. There’s more to sex than penetration. There’s oral sex, foreplays, etc. and pregnant porn is a good porn category to learn all of these.

Many believe that penetration is the beginning and end of sex and if that doesn’t happen then no sex has taken place. This notion is wrong as sex can be pleasurable without any penis-in-vagina action taking place. All we need to do to achieve this is to focus on pleasure without having the goal of penetration. Check out more on pregnant porn. Below are some tips and tricks to help you achieve.

 pregnant porn - Tips And Tricks On How To Pleasure Your Partner Without Penetration


Give her orals

Put your mouth to great use. While the vagina is the internal structure, the vulva is what you can see just outside of the clitoris of the labia. Stimulate is clitoris by licking it with your tongue, gently tapping, stroking, and caressing it. Don’t think of penetration at this point. Pregnant porn is a great porn category to find oral sex.

Think beyond the penis

It is usual for men to keep their entire sexual satisfaction focus on their penis. To pleasure your partner without penetration, you have to switch the focus to your partner’s body by exploring the different parts of her body. Give her neck, inner thighs, stomach, breasts and chest all your attention as they do in pregnant porn.

The male body can also be pleasured this way. The anus and perianal regions are sensitive and are highly pleasurable for men if you look beyond the stigma associated with them.

Play with the nipple

Many people love nipple play. It also tends to help them achieve orgasm. However, many people are averse to the idea of nipple play and detest breathe anywhere around their breasts. The pregnant porn category usually has a love of content on this so you could check it out.

If you intend to try this, do it as slowly as you can to ascertain if it works for you and your partner. Begin with light gentle touches, then slowly use your mouth to lick and suck the nipples. You can also use your hand to carefully caress it like in pregnant porn.

Try anals

A lot of people find anal penetration scary and painful. However, you need not worry as that isn’t the only way to play anal. To experiment with anal play, start by slowly massaging the lower back of your partner. Then switch to kissing and licking as gently as you can. This is important to help you build anticipation before delving into the anal itself. Use a slow approach to stimulate the anal region, using your mouth and your fingers. This will help increase the pleasure in this area. You don’t penetrate.

Use sex toys

This is another great way to pleasure your partner without penetration. Keep in mind that male sex toys are not just all about penetration. You can try using a vibrator, suction toys, feathers externally on your partner’s nipples, clitoris, or penis. There are also bondage toys you can explore, some of them include ice to add new sensations to your toy plays, handcuffs and other restraints. You can also use pregnant porn to spice up your sex life.