What are the different tips to buy a sex doll?

If you are buying a real sex doll for the first time, then it can be a headache for you. There are various alternatives available in the market. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find the right doll for you. However, in this article we will study about few tips that will help you to choose the best doll available in the market.

Different types of doll

There are two kinds of dolls available in the market – one is silicone and the other one is TPE dolls. This will depend on your budget as to which quality you wish to buy. Apart from the material used for the doll, you should also check the metal skeleton which should be of a good quality, hard and modern.

Consider your budget

The correct spending plan depends essentially on the material utilized. For anime sex dolls made up of silicon, you have to spend around 8000 to 10000 dollars. When you buy a doll made up of TPE, it may cost fewer than 2000 dollars. Another thing that you should consider is customizations. You should be able to customize your doll as per your needs- the color of the skin, eyes, wig, and adornments. Once you get an idea on the budget and the material that you wish to buy, you should then be able to decide on the body and face requirements.

Body and measurement of the doll

Fortunately, there are plenty of silicone love dolls with a wide scope of sizes in the market. There are dolls ranging from 140 cm to around 170 cm with different sizes of hips and bust. This factor will depend upon the level of fantasies and desires that you have. For example, you might wish to have a slim girl with huge pair of breasts. You can choose accordingly. Customizations are available. You can also choose your own characters like- maid servant, school girl etc. You can also opt for celebrity sex dolls like wonder woman, Harley Quinn etc.  If you are unable to make a conclusion, go through the reviews or contact your seller to approve the best decision for you.

Choose the model that suits your needs

Before you decide to buy a face for your doll, you should know that each model has a removable head so you can constantly change it. You can give unique personality to your doll by switching heads. The decision of the body must hence be your first need.

Choosing the face of your doll

The choice of the face depends on the choice of the body. It will depend on the kind of preferences you have. Also, make sure that the body color matches the face color. Otherwise you won’t be able to give a sexy look to your doll. It will look mismatching and unattractive.

So, you can follow these rules before you go out to buy the dolls. Make sure you get a basic idea about these dolls from reviews and online sites so that you can choose the best doll.