Why sex toys are so popular these days?

Sex toys existed even in prehistoric times, but throughout this time they were rather stigmatized by society as ,,unclean”, or, as in the 20th century, for the practice of “medicine”. It is only recently that people stop being afraid of their own sexuality – but is this the only reason why sex toys have become popular in our time?

No shame in masturbating

Most animals in nature are not even ashamed of being naked. However, for some strange reason, complexes about the size of nature have appeared in our society and we have started to complicate ourselves in terms of our sexuality. Only recently have people noticed that there is nothing to be ashamed of, so this has partly contributed to the rise of pornography. Of course this is not the only reason, because nothing in this world gains popularity for a long time, just for one reason.

More ways to ,,play”

Sex toys brought into your bedroom can make your ,,sexy” bedtime fun. Sex toy makers also try to make the toy as ergonomic as possible, making the fun as easy as possible. Often an interesting design is also a very important element for the fair sex, because it makes this kind of sex more interesting, and such a toy is able to blend discreetly into the background of the home.

Porn follows the fashion

Just visit popular pornographic sites to see that there are categories that fully focus on actresses (or actors) who do nothing but play with the aforementioned sex toys. Interestingly, some actresses do not limit themselves to regular geisha balls, because some can play with erotic accessories that are really huge. That’s why playing with such products of the erotic industry has achieved a lot of popularity. In normal sex erotic films, erotic accessories are also increasingly used to show new light for sex in a given scene. This can be shown through the use of anatomical plugs, up to vibrators and strap-ons. Recent productions even use virtual reality technology to further enhance the effect that, for example, we have sex with the most beautiful porn actresses. Of course, the monetary aspect cannot be overlooked here. Behind sex toys there is a huge amount of money, and it is no different in the case of erotic productions, which are characterized by the fact that they are in a niche. Most sex productions follow the reasoning : “if something is popular and fashionable, it will bring more profit.” Which basically means that if more people talk about it, there’s a bigger chance than somebody will actually buy it.


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