Why sex toys became so popular?

Why sex toy had recently started to gain so much popularity? After all, sex toys are considered in our society as something most people don’t have because it’s “disgusting”. But is that true?

New, different sensations

Good quality sex toys most often have some form of built-in technology that tries to recreate real sex in as precise a detail as possible, such as vibrations and the ability to control the temperature during masturbation, and also make fun. The creators of such toys also try to make the toy as ergonomic as possible, so that the fun is as easy as possible. Often an interesting design is a very important element for the fair sex, because it makes this type of sex more interesting, and in case of which such a toy is able to blend discreetly into the background of the apartment.

Why do sex toys appear on porn?

Just visit any live erotic video page to see that every actress has even the most basic sex toys she uses during a live broadcast. Naturally, the best live porn actresses aren’t limited to regular geisha balls, because some can play with erotic accessories that are really huge. That’s why playing with such erotic industry products has become quite popular.

Quality of a porn movie

Just look at the fact that professional erotic productions often quite often use some erotic accessories to show new light for sex in a given scene. This can be shown through the use of anthropomorphic plugs, up to artificial penises the size of some people’s height. Recent productions even use virtual reality technology to further enhance the effect that we have sex with the most beautiful porn actresses, for example.

People finally stop being ashamed of their sexuality

In the animal world, most people are not really ashamed to be naked. However, for some strange reason, there have been complexes in our society structure regarding the size of nature, bust, and so on, which have made us more complicated about our sexuality. Only recently have people noticed that there is nothing to be ashamed of – after all, everyone will be able to find the right partner for themselves.


Almost everyone follows the current fashion, more or less. No wonder that pornography has also followed, after all, erotic toys have become fashionable in recent times. Just look at the latest erotic productions to understand what is going on. Interestingly, in addition to the very benefits of sex, regular use of toys leads to many positive changes in our bodies, and also affects the work of our minds, which can and seems to be quite funny, but combining sex with toys can have a really positive effect on us.

Sex toys are a great augment of having a good sex life

Using sex toys is mostly considered an addition to a couple’s life when, for example, they doesn’t have time to have longer sex with their partner, but it’s still much better than betrayal. A woman who has complexes about using sex toys, should think about it rather than react emotionally and talk about it with her partner in a sensitive way.